Tooth Whitening

Tooth Whitening

Tooth whitening not only improves the impact of a smile, a whiter smile can also provide a more subtle youthful appearance.
There are different options looking into tooth whitening at our Manchester clinic.
In Surgery Whitening

At The Fold Dentistry we use the Zoom Whitening system, which has been made famous through its use on programmes such as extreme makeover. It involves using a solution on the teeth which is activated by the Zoom light technology, giving results in approximately one hour.

Home Whitening

Custom made trays, that fit over your teeth like a gum shield are provided for you to take home and wear with a gel inside for one hour per day until you achieve the desired shade. The average patient will take 10-14 days of wear to achieve maximum results.

Combination Whitening

As the name suggests a combination of the two whitening systems often provides the best results, we recommend this method at our surgery. You will come into the surgery for the Zoom whitening treatment and be given bleaching trays to top up and maintain the results at home.